Team Grenada 2017

Nestled between the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the southeastern Caribbean Sea is ‘The Spice of the Caribbean’, Grenada, Carriacou, Petite Martinique. Branded for its spices, beaches, warm people and untouched natural beauty, Grenada is quaint and rich in history, culture and tradition.

Like the spices Grenada is so famously known for, Team Grenada is complete with a variation of ‘spicy’ personalities, abilities and characteristics. Karston Shears, the leader of the Team Grenada is like the ‘Nutmeg’ spice, strong and accommodating of other flavors or personalities.  Nathan Best described as a critical thinker, is like the ‘Bay Leaf’ spice that has essential healing and aromatic properties, thus providing fresh perspectives and thoughtful solutions to the team.

‘Ginger’ is the spice that best describes Keslee Frank, as she is quite verbal and authentic in flavor and personality. She is perceptive and very meticulous. Kerona Morin, ‘Pepper’ spice enhances the taste of any dish or team. Her personality spans varying degrees of heat on the spicy spectrum. She can be ‘warm’ and inspiring, thus encouraging creative and conducive team work environments or ‘hot’ as she can ignite the fire that advances teamwork.

‘Turmeric’ spice, which provides the unique color and taste of Grenada’s national dish “Oil Down’, can be used to describe the bright, witty and calming team member Wasim Pysadee. Last but by no means least, is Vejay Cato, the ‘Mace’ spice. He can be warm and inconspicuous, but blends well with other flavors making him the perfect ingredient that ties a dish or Team Grenada ‘Pure Spice’ together.

Team Grenada is elated to be part of this inaugural FIRST Global Robotics Olympics and we look forward to our continued participation in future events. We anticipate creating lasting relationships as we build our network of friends and partners. To all teams, good luck and to everyone, welcome to our beautiful island Grenada; the Spice of the Caribbean.