Team Guatemala 2017

We are Team Guatemala, we have seven official team members, but below are all of those who have contributed to our team:

Andrea Mariel Taqué De León is 16 years old and will turn 17 in July 17th. She is the older sibling, she has a brother and a sister. She studies at Colegio Sagrado Corazón and is a senior in high school for the moment. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, a good reading and of course learning more about technology. For next year, one of the career she may choose to study Environmental Engineering, because her grandparents and parents show her to take care of nature, or a Mechatronics Engineering. She feels proud to be part of the National Team representing Guatemala at the First Global Competition. Is a new opportunity to test her passion and dedication. As a Guatemalan woman participating at First Global Challenge, she has the opportunity to show others, not only women, that any Guatemalan can be part of something big, new and innovative. She is expecting amazing knowledges from this new adventure, thinking that is not a competition but an experience where technology connect different countries and unites the next generation of innovators.

María Fernanda Argueta Wolke, but her friends call her Mafer. She was born on July 10th 2001 in Guatemala City. She has 2 brothers, both older than her. She studies at Colegio  “El Sagrado Corazón de Jesús”, which taught her not only knowledge but also values. At school is where she had the opportunity to learn about robotics. She considers herself a leader but also friendly person. She likes to talk to people and have fun with them. She considers herself to be a determined woman that likes to set goals, so that can focus on accomplishing them. Her hobby is to dance, mainly hip-hop. She is happy to be part of First Global. It is something awesome for her to think that something that she likes (robotics) can make her live such amazing experiences. It will totally be an experience that she will remember her whole life.

Edward Leonel Cutzán was born on December 22nd, 1998 in Antigua Guatemala. He considers himself a cheerful, motivating and bold person. Currently he is studying a Digital Electronics and Microprocessors Career and next year he wants to study  Mechatronics Engineering. Since he was little he was passionate about technology. He knows that technology can change his country and the rest of the world, that’s why he decided to study electronics. Being able to represent Guatemala Team at the First Global Challenge is an opportunity to demonstrate that there is talent in his country. He knows this is not a simple competition, but is the best way to create cross-country connection through technology. This will definitely be an experience that he will remember for the rest of my life.

Willson Jefferson Alexander Navarro Rodriguez was born on May 11, 2000. He is the fifth of six siblings. He considers himself to be a friendly person, humble, respectful, honest and responsible. He strives to fulfill the goals that he proposes, being competitive and collaborating. He is currently studying at Colegio Canadiense his fifth year in Computer Science and Robotics. He likes to to play soccer, basketball and with technology. He also enjoys to share pleasant moments with his family and friends. One of his favorite activities is to drive and customize motorcycles or vehicles, because he likes to have things that fit his style. He is proud to be one of the participants selected for national and international competitions, which gives joy to his family. This great opportunity to participate in First Global, reinforces her knowledge in Robotics and forge his professional future. His biggest dream is to be one of the most successful and innovative Mechatronics Engineers in Guatemala.

German Omar Chigüichón Sibrian was born on May  21st, 1999 in La Libertad, El Salvador. When he was 3 years old he migrated to Guatemala where now a days lives with his aunt, uncle and sister. On 2016, he started studying in el Colegio Tecnológico Industrial Mixto André Ampere. Now a days he is in his senior year studying a Digital Electronics and Microprocessors Career. Next year he plans to start a Mechatronics Engineering, because one of his passions is technology, and he wants to develop more his abilities and apply the knowledge acquired in a professional manner. He considers himself a young man passionated by what he does, and considers this experience is a whole new opportunity to expand his knowledge and show everybody what he is capable of. He feels very happy to be part of the first National Robotics team from Guatemala and this is only the beginning!

Alex Roberto Guzman Rivera and was born on April 18th, 1999. He has 3 brothers and one sister, all of them are older than him. He  studies at Liceo Guatemala.

Since he was little, he has been very active and athletic. He practices many sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball. He considers himself a participative and collaborative person, that´s why he does many extracurricular activities like being  the treasurer of my class, sub-commander of spenders in Liceo´s Guatemala Band and being part of the National Robotics Team for Guatemala. His first direct contact with technology was in 7th grade in the Robotics Club of his school. He got a certificate of basic programming in arduino by means of free courses of Universidad Galileo. Through the robotics club, he has participated in more than 7 national robotics competitions and went to an international competition in Mexico, Cancun, in 2015.

Marlon Alexander Sactic Tuch feels excited for being part of this huge international event, where he can increase his knowledge and learn new things .He was born on August 11th, 1998 in Santiago Sacatepéquez. In his childhood he studied at a public school and then middle school at a private school. With help of a friend he is finishing his High School studies. He had the opportunity to participate at Balam Robot Competition 2.0. was part of the team that won in one of the categories. He feels happy to be part of the National Team representing Guatemala at First Global Challenge. His dream is to change his country with his work and knowledge. He will study a Mechatronics Engineering to get involved in the technology world and be part of the generation that makes a change.

Luis Antonio Flores García was born July 16, 1999. I consider myself to be a friendly person, honest, responsible, humble and very respectful to others. He studies at Liceo Canadiense and is finishing his career with an emphasis in programming and robotics. He likes to play soccer. He became part of the National Robotics Olympic Team in Guatemala because he won last year a Robotics Competition. He likes to eat lasagna, horchata and his favorite color is blue. He has a dream to become a Mechatronics Engineer to make Guatemala a better country.

Dr. Oscar Rodas received his double BS, first in Electronics Engineering, and second in Systems and Computer Science Engineering. He recently received his Ph.D. in Information Technologies at Universidad Galileo. His interests in ICTs include open source projects and embedded applications, which he encourages his students to learn and apply. He works at Universidad Galileo in EE Department and Outreach Activities to promote STEM Education.