Team India 2017

Namaste! From Team India!!! 

We are Team India – we represent diversity, equality and resilience!

We have given the world ahimsa, yoga and chess.

Team India is represented by 7 enthusiastic and spirited teenagers and an energetic mentor from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. Collectively our Team has participated in all the FIRST Programs – Jr. FLL, FLL, FTC and FRC along with the World Robot Olympiad (WRO).

We firmly believe in the FIRST Philosophy of “Gracious Professionalism” and “Coopertition” and completely subscribe to the fact that these along with “Team Work” and “Compassion” form the cornerstones of an effective STEM Ecosystem. We would like to use FIRST Global as a platform to create awareness and spread STEM in our country to positively impact and uplift our society.

We would love to interact with Teams from different nations and take back a great learning experience! We may not win the competition, but we will certainly win hearts by our winning effort!

We consider it a privilege to be part of this wonderful initiative and are honored to be representing India in the FIRST Global Challenge!

Let’s meet Team India:

Rahesh – Team Captain

Rahesh is the youngest Team Member. At the age of 15 years studying in grade 10, Rahesh has the most experience in terms of participation in a number of STEM Competitions. Starting at a very young age, Rahesh has worked with many teams and has learned to absorb the best qualities of his team mates. He has managed to gain confidence of his team mates and has proved that he can the most dependable and reliable team member. His curiosity in math and physics got him interested in STEM. His aim is to get into a good university and do mechanical engineering there.

The Team decided to appoint Rahesh, the youngest member the Team Captain to encourage young talent. Rahesh is in charge of Construction and would lead the Team during the competition.

Aadiv Shah – Team Spokesperson

Aadiv is a keen constructor and is a hard core mechanical engineer at heart! He is greatly inspired by LEGO and has been playing with the LEGO Sets since he was 3 years old. Aadiv is 17 years and is in grade 12. He wants to pursue Mechanical Engineering for his graduation. He believes that bright young minds like them will create something magical! He would love to create a platform from where people from all over the world can understand what STEM is and can gain genuine knowledge about any topic, free of cost. He believes Organizations like FIRST who aim to spread awareness about STEM are truly inspirational. Aadiv says that the amount of knowledge he has gained through his journey with STEM, is invaluable. It has not only taught him concepts of math and physics but also life and character shaping lessons. He firmly believes this will make him global citizen with a broad outlook towards life. He sums it up by saying ALL OF US ARE THE BEST AT HAVING FUN TOGETHER!

His role in Team India is that of the Spokesperson and a Constructor. He looks forward to meeting Teams from different Nations is keen to show with pride the progress of our Nation!

Harsh Bhatt – Alliance Strategist

Harsh is 18 years old and in grade 12. He wants to pursue a course in Design and wants to make a career in this field. Harsh believes Robotics today is a part of our daily lives. STEM has taught him that there’s always a solution to a problem. His other interests include photography and football. Harsh is an extrovert who gels along with all Team Members and ensures that the Team stays motivated even during the time of a crises.

Harsh’s role in the Team is that of a CAD Specialist and Alliance Strategist. He helps Vatsin in making the CAD drawings of the Robot. He would meet other Team Members at FGC and understand their strengths and weaknesses to work out the Alliance Strategy.

Vatsin – Alliance Analyst

Vatsin is 15 years old and is studying in grade 10. He believes that STEM events have taught him that the understanding of the fundamentals of science and math supersede any material gain from these competitions. He is a big fan of sports, especially with their statistical side. He also believes that while all of them are from different schools and different parts of the city, they all share the same passion for robotics and STEM which is significant to the team’s success.

Vatsin’s role in the team is that of Alliance Analyst along with using CAD as an effective tool. He would be analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of all the participating teams including ours to help in strategising prior to the matches

Adhyyan – Robot Tactician

Adhyyan believes that LEGO has by far been the greatest force attracting him towards robotics. When he had first discovered LEGO Mindstorms and seen innovations created by others he was truly amazed and wanted to build his own such little robots. STEM events such as FRC, FLL and WRO have taught him many important skills mainly organization and communication skills. Adhyyan is 15 years old and is in grade 10. He would like to learn a lot more math and physics to fulfil his thirst of curiosity. He would also like to design and build games from scratch that would be enjoyable to play.

He says that Team India would like to show their creativity and jugaad (resourcefulness) through the robot! Adhyyan’s role in the Team is that of Robot Tactician inside the driver station. He is also the Programming Expert in the Team

Tejas – Robot Controller

Tejas is a bit of a late entrant into the world fascinating of robotics. But the way he understands the nuances, he can be no less than a veteran! He is 18 years old and has completed his grade 12. He has secured admission to the University Of Southern California to pursue his graduation. He believes Robotics has helped him improve his analytical thinking. He is interested in research in computational neuroscience, which involves studying the brain through a mathematical lens. This would also involve developing new interfaces between the brain and computers like devices that helped paralysed individuals regain control of their limbs.

Tejas’ role in the Team is that of the Robot Controller in the Drive Station. He would be controlling the Robot Mechanisms on the Play Field during the matches. He is the other Programming Expert of our Team

Raghav – Robot Driver

Raghav is 18 years old and has secured admission to the Florida Institute Of Technology. He believes that being part of STEM has taught him that science can be used in every aspect of life. Seeing how STEM can be used for the betterment of the world is also one factor that keeps him attached to robotics.

Raghav’s role is that of a Robot Driver. He would be inside the Driver Station controlling robot driving. He is the Control System expert of the Team.

Nilesh Shah – Team Mentor

Nilesh is the Team Mentor with about 7 years of experience in his association with STEM Programs. He is involved in STEM Programs in India in various capacities – that of a mentor, judge and organizer. He is a Mechanical Engineer with a post graduate degree in Management. His company, MESCO Springs manufactures industrial springs for different engineering applications.

He is one of the founders of WeSTEM which provides a platform to connect various STEM stakeholders. WeSTEM attempts to promote, connect and integrate STEM activities in India.