Team Israel 2017

We are the robotics team known as Mish-Mash 12016. We operate as part of the Jusidman Science Center for Youth, in the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Our team is represented by two girls and five boys, from separate schools and different ages that works together to advance STEM in south of Israel.

Every year we are competing in FIRST Tech Challenge Israel. Last year we won the Rockwell Collins award and this year our team was the Finalist (2nd place) in Israel regional.

Our motivation as a team, comes from the great love for STEM projects and robotics. Our passion is caused by belief that we can achieve everything if we associate our education with hands on activities, discipline and collaboration.

As a robotics team, we also like to challenge ourselves  in many ways and we  think that the First Global Challenge is a great opportunity to do this.  Moreover, we  like  that in the FGC  we can show  more  of  our  creativity in the  different  fields of the competition as designing , strategy and marketing. We acknowledge the fact that our ambition to develop a successful robot thus it motivates us to learn, explore, professionalize as necessary.

We are  excited to take  part and honored to represent Israel in the FGC this year. We can’t wait to be a part of this celebration of science and technology!