Team Italy 2017

From ITT “M. Buonarroti”, Trento, Italy. We are all enthusiastic and honored to be part of this prestigious global challenge.

We are six students at a technical high school with different skills and backgrounds:

  • Marco (18) and Gabriele (17) are in the fourth year with a specialization in IT;
  • Matteo (17) and Lorenzo (17) are in the third year with a specialization in IT;
  • Luca (17) is in the third year with a specialization in automation;
  • Edon (16) is in the second year and has yet to choose a specialization (but is leaning towards automation).

We are proud to have Alberto Giraldi as our mentor because in the past he led other teams from our school to the victory.

We practice hard, programming and creating physical structures for robots that will take part in rescue maze competitions.

Despite the fact that we are a newly constructed team (at the moment we only took part in one competition all together) we are not just a team, we are a group of friends and our bond is our strength. We don’t just compete together, we push each other to be better and further our knowledge.

Studying and practicing robotics helped us acquiring many valuable skills. We learned:

  • how to work as a team;
  • the importance of being able to delegate and be team players, leaving our individualities aside;
  • how to build a robot able to explore a maze;
  • but most importantly, that it is possible to have fun while learning.

We are extremely grateful to Alberto Pieri, FAST general secretary who selected us to represent Italy in this global competition and will join us in this incredible adventure and we thank FIRST Global for this great opportunity. We won’t waste it and we’ll try to be the best team we can to represent Italy, Trentino, and our school in the best possible way.

We are eager to compete with teams from all over the world, to test our strength against our peers and meet new friends that share our love for robotics. We’re looking forward to July to try ourselves and show the other teams what we’re made of.