Team Kenya 2017

The Innovate Kenya Robotics team comprises David, Sam, Baraka and Lewis. All of the team members are rock star problem solvers as they are recent winners of the National Innovation Challenge here in Kenya where youth compete to come up with the most innovative ideas to solve challenges in their respective communities.

From taking apart and putting back together radios as a child, David has always been driven by technology-oriented curiosity. This led him and his partner in 2015 to create an automatic greenhouse that self-regulates its processes.

As an aspiring tech entrepreneur, Samuel’s passion is using technology to develop solutions that can benefit humans.

Lewis & Baraka are both passionate about computer programming and electronics and they have self-taught themselves how to code using MIT Inventor App and Android Studio. They have also made projects that include web based apps to help with security and education management.

Team of four hope to further their skills in technology and automation and even though robotics is new to them, they believe that through collaboration and hard work they can be able to tinker and work on solutions using robotics to assist in the development of Kenya in easing various manual processes. By taking part in the FIRST Global Robot Challenge, the team looks forward to being challenged in their way of thinking about problems and solutions in a multicultural perspective, as they will be exposed to various teams from all over the world