Team Kosovo 2017

Elita Hajrizi

Hello, I am Elita Hajrizi. I am a team member and the spokesperson of First Global Team Kosovo. I am 16 years old and a student in “Xhevdet Doda” High School.

I have always been really interested in STEM areas,which is why I chose to go to a natural sciences oriented high school. Mostly, I have been interested in robotics and technology in general since I was very little, because I used to watch robot football matches between different countries here and of course, because the future lies in technology itself.

However, the first time i actually engaged in advanced technology lessons was last summer, when i went to a course about programming.

Other than technology, I also love reading books,watching Tv Shows, hanging out with my friends and parttaking in different local and international competitions.This year for example, I was a part of the International Public Speaking Competition, which took place in London.

I am really passionate about travelling and learning about different cultures and languages, that is why besides Albanian ,which is my native language, I also speak English, German and a bit of Spanish, Turkish and Norwegian.

The First Global Competition is a great opportunity for me to learn a lot more about practice skills and robotics, but most importantly it will be a great experience, in which I will get to represent our country, meet so many people from other countries, create new friendships and learn even more about their cultures and visit Washington

Gezim Morina

My name is Gezim Morina 17 years old I am in the professional school ” Andrea Durrsaku ” in the Kamenice, mayour elektricall energetics, I also spend time with technology and make new innovations with the focus on electronics and for this reason I do different works.

Liburn Bajraktari.

I am Liburn Bajraktari. I’m a 17-year-old boy.

I attended secondary school education Xhevdet Doda. I just finished 11th grade and now I’m in the twelfth grade. I have completed some courses in technology where among them are some of the cisco networking academy.

Rigon Statovci

I am called Rigon Statovci born in Prishtina on 9 January 1999, finished elementary school at “Emin Durak” where I decided to go to Informatics at Gjin Gazulli High School where I finished in May of this year. 

As far as my profession is concerned, I have four years of experience in Programming (Web / App). During these years I managed to finish various projects successfully, and I also managed to complete different trainings from ERASMUS +.

At the moment I am selected to represent Kosovo in the global robotic competition, where we certainly expect to win any prize that would make our country proud.