Team Kyrgyzstan 2017

The Republic children engineering-technical academy “Altyn tujun” is a unique state institution for out of school additional education. It is the center of children’s technical creation and new educational technologies in Kyrgyz Republic.

In the clubs of the Academy children are busy not only with engineering, modeling, programming, design, but also research, inventiveness and project activity. We are proud of our graduates; many of them continued their creative way beginning in the Academy’s walls. Today many of them successfully work in the scientific-research and projection-applied fields in our country and abroad. Among them there are famous inventors, scientists and sportsmen.

One of the most important tasks of the Academy is the popularization of scientific-technical activity and stimulation of our country’s youth interest to the technical professions. For 55 years activity our Academy contribute much in Kyrgyzstan’s education and science. Bright evidence of this is not only four state inventor’s patents, Government’s awards and “Special crystal prize” of the World’s organization of intellectual property, but also our Academy’s graduates who have become outstanding scientists and inventors. The Academy’s task is to teach the children creative working in the field of technics and to give them the pass to the world of high technologies.

One of the leading trends of our educational institution’s activity is programming and robot’s engineering. As we live in the century of active development of engineering and technologies these subjects are particularly actual and needed. During the lessons children study how to work with the modern digital equipment; engineering, model, writing computer programs of managements, programming of different sensors (touching, pressing, colors and supersonic), and also collecting robots of any complex according to the scheme, the same as to own projects. Due to the innovation leaning program and individual approach to every child, physics, electronics and programming, being complex subjects, transform into amazing games.