Team Montenegro 2017

We are coming from Montenegro, a country well known for its wild beauty. Middle Electrotehnical Vocational School Vaso Aligrudić is situated in the center of this beautiful country, in the capital city, Podgorica. From this High School, whose principal is Veselin Picuric, 3 great competitors are coming ready to compete in the world of robotics! Their names are Veljko Kokic, Lazar Knezevic. and Dragan Todorovic. They are under supervision of Nina Drakulic who is a student of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro.

We are hard-working, well organized, creative and talented enough to face the great robotic forces! Also, we want to upgrade our knowledge about robotics, computer science and electronics, and to exchange our experiences with others. We are friendly, communicative, we would like to meet people from all around the world, and especially to learn about their cultures.

So, World, be ready for the robotic battle and expansion of your circle of friends!