Team Mozambique 2017

PATRICIO VICTOR ESTERA, electrical engineer, lecturer of automatic control modules at the INSTITUTO INDUSTRIAL DE MAPUTO, 48 years old, passionate about the areas of instrumentation and automation, so he was chosen to become a mentor of the Mozambican team that will participate in the first international olympics of robotics.

Our team is composed of students from two schools, the Escola Secundaria Estrela Vermelha and the Instituto Iindustrial de Maputo, both schools are from Maputo City, their ages range from 15-18 years old.

Our participation in this prestigious olympics is part of the project of the ministry of science and technology, called “creating tomorrow’s scientist”, who sees in robotics a field of knowledge that can improve our teaching-learning system.

Our experience with robotics started on the 21st of March this year, we had never before had contact with robot. That is why we see our participation as the opportunity to learn, to gain experience and to know how things are done around the world.