Team Myanmar 2017

Kyaw Za Zaw

I am a fresh graduate of a private high school in Yangon who is interested in all things tech. I am currently learning coding and am very passionate about solving problems and making things. I spend most of my time following on the latest tech news, gadgets releases. Robotics is one hobby of mine and I think I will major in a STEM field when I go to college. I am also passionate about meeting new people, making friends and collaborating on projects and most importantly, having fun together.

Phone Thiha Kyaw

My name is Phone Thiha Kyaw and i’m 19years old. I am studying Mechatronics major at Yangon Technological University. I like robotics. That is one of the reasons why I choose this Mechatronics major. I’m also interested in Computer Science. So I learnt programming languages for robotics. I know Robotics become more and more popular in future!!

Yuzana Win

I am Yuzana Win, a third year student studying at University of Information Technology with major in Computer Technology. I am passionate about networking and programming. I am certain that my degree will become my ticket to a better tomorrow. I study hard and devote my free time to reading scholarly reviews and watching interviews with recognized specialists in the field. I like to visit and see new places.

May Pyae Sone Kyaw

I am May Pyae Sone Kyaw. I was born in Letpadan, Bago. I finished my High School from Family Private High School, Mahling. I am a second year student from University Of Information Technology, Yangon. I am interested in computer technology that’s why I am attending that University. I am now 17 years old. I enjoy reading books, listening to music, and playing guitar. My family have five family members and I am the youngest.

Waiyar Aung

I am an undergraduate student, currently studying Mechatronics. Being a youth, I am greatly passionate to learn new things and earn experiences, regardless of my major. That would be one of the reasons for me to join robotics. I am hoping to learn to collaborate with new people and get familiar with new techs, by being part of this event.

Wai Yan Htun

I am Wai Yan Htun, an 18-year- old enthusiast who is very much interested in Technology advancements and Engineering, is currently studying German language in order to study Robotics Engineering in Germany. I have studied a year of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Turkey last year. I love cracking, fixing, making things and technology-related entrepreneurship is my passionate dream towards artificial inintintelligence (AI).

Tun Htut Aye

I’m a final year student of computer technology at University of Computer Studies, Yangon. I’m extremely enthusiastic about embedded system engineering. I am currently learning programming and electronic devices for controlling and solving problems of the embedded devices. I have spent a lot of time for my hobby. IOT(Internet of Things) is one of my favourite technology and I want to create IOT based embedded products that are very helpful and useful for people.

Myint Myat Zaw (Myat Charm)

Currently, in charge of Phandeeyar: Makerspace, Myat Charm is a 3D printing enthusiast who loves using technology to make things that would be useful in everyday life. With a B.E in Naval Architecture from Myanmar Maritime University,  Charm dedicates himself to raising awareness of Hardware technologies with civil society organizations and promoting the Makerspace area at Phandeeyar by hosting events and workshops.

Kyi Zaw Win

Kyi Zaw Win started his passion for robotic at early in his tertiary education. Given a chance to take part in Robotic Game in his early years, it has shaped his life. He took part in many robotic games from local or abroad as his extra curriculum activities. He is the firm believer of robotic as a foundation of STEM education. After spending a decade as a R&D engineer at overseas, he came back to Myanmar and spends his time helping university students and youths in broadening engineering knowledge.