Team Nigeria 2017

We are Robo Teens from Nigéria! We are a team of robot enthusiasts, consisting of four boys, three girls ages 15-18, and three coaches. Our team inspiration is based on our goal to make our country great and to better understand the advantages of collaboration both within and outside of our country. We are passionate about STEM and we believe it will open doors to help us develop as a nation, and to make a difference in the world as we work together with youth from across the globe to discuss and find ways to solve problems that are common to all of us. Our love for robotics is evident in our actions. In this competition we look forward to meeting people from different countries, collaborating with them, gain experience, learn new ways of doing things, and opening our minds to new ways of thinking. Our passion for robotics and our love for trying new things motivate and push us to try our best in preparation for this competition.