Team Philippines 2017

We are the Legionaires

The Legionaires is made up of seven members from different FLL teams from the Philippines. Our members are handpicked from a pool of competent students — through our diversity we work as one to help each other and compliment one’s weakness with another’s strength – where we share our knowledge in our specific field to aid the team.

Even though we come from different teams, we still share the same passion, interest and drive to win and succeed. We are more than a team, we are a family.

The Legionaires’ mission is to promote Science and Technology through robotics. We believe that robotics is beyond its technicalities hence, it’s about that values that we’ve learned and experiences that made us a better individual. Since all of us is under the STEM program, we want other people to see that being on this program is not all about hardship, that we could also have fun while learning and we’d like to call it the “hardest fun ever”.

We aim to prove that despite being from different schools in the Philippines, we could still co-exist.