Team Russia 2017

To our team we welcome any students from any schools, but the most students come to us from Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №30 (Saint-Petersburg). We meet in the robotic engineering center based on this school.

Members of our team change every year. To be chosen to our FTC team any students have to attend any course in our robotics center for one year. So every student who came to our team has already participated in different robotics events. In our current team we have students, who are a member for the first year. For them participation in the championship is a remarkable opportunity to gain experience and the major skills necessary for improvement in realm of robotics. Also there are those who are engaged for the second or third year already. For example, some of them participated in FTC Dutch Open 2016 and FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship in the USA. Last year in the Eindhoven our team has won a prestigious Finalist Alliance Award. In the World Championship in the USA our students became one of 4 best teams and have won a title Alliance Captain. Experience of participation in the world championships is undoubtedly important for us. Nevertheless, every member of the team is important to us. It does not matter, novice or skilled, anyone can be useful! Together we will come up with the new ideas and we will achieve success!

My name is Dmitry Luzin. I am working at school since I graduated from it in 2006. During my study in Saint-Petersburg State University I worked at school as a teacher of physics as well as physics lab. In 2011 me and my future wife, we started doing robotics with children of 14-15 years old. After a series of successful projects on Lego Mindstorms we started working on FIRST Tech Challenge competitions. In 2013 we won our first international prize – “Think award” on FTC European open in Barcelona. It brought us a great motivation to move forward. Since that time we put a goal to accumulate all our experience and grow up the students trying to show them as much possibilities as we can. Since 2012 I am also working as an engineer designing and analyzing the equipment for oil and gas industry including subsea applications. I am trying to show the students how the real engineering process that I am familiar with is actually working. We also communicate with many manufacturing and engineering companies, having excursions and sometimes practice for our students.

Despite the fact that we do not work for a long time in one team, we work amicably and harmoniously. Each student makes the contribution to the common cause. Each member of the team has a task on which he works: someone describes the process of creating a robot, someone comes up with a design, someone does the program and someone controls the robot during the game. During the year we worked together and got used to each other. Now we are a strong and effective team that is only aimed at winning.