Team Singapore 2017

The Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Robotics Club is a school-based club with members ranging from Secondary 1 (Grade 7) to Pre-U 2 (Grade 12). We take in members in Secondary One who may or may not have robotics experience. Through learning on the job in preparing for competitions and guidance by the teacher-mentors and seniors, our students are quite competent by the time they reach their senior years.

Driven by their passion, our members have dedicated much of the time in our Robotics lab which is open to them daily. The journey of our club members start from apprenticeship, building and cloning simple robots under the watchful guidance of seniors. Participating their first VEX World Championships in Sec 2, they would have learnt a tremendous amount which stands them in good stead going forward. In Sec 3-4, our members would be comfortable participating in the design and brainstorming processes, and guiding their juniors. In the Pre-U years, they would function as senior mentors for the team, with their technical competence supplemented by the maturity of thought.

This team we are sending to the FIRST Global Competition is hand-picked from the across the senior years from Sec 3 to Pre-U 2. They are our elites, and have worked with one another for a couple of years, some much longer.

Generally, our senior students all play a part in mentoring our younger members. Some have also gone further and mentored students from our partner school, Crest Secondary as part of their community outreach.

Although we take pains to screen the applicants who joined our club, there are a few whose passions are not matched by their commitment, especially in the face of competing demands for their time from the academic curriculum (we are an IB World School). For the ones who remain in the club till their senior years, it can be seen how the dedication to a cause has shaped their lives.