Team Tanzania 2017

Tanzania is the 13th largest country in Africa, the country is located in the Eastern Africa within the African great lakes (Lake Victoria and Tanganyika). The country is well known of having more tourist attraction, three of them being among the seven wonders of the African continent and these are Mount Kilimanjaro the Africa’s highest mountain and the world’s highest free standing mountain, Ngoro Ngoro crater one of the largest unbroken caldera in the world that isn’t lake, where animal & birds lives, and Serengeti the greatest wild life watching destinations on earth for the seasonal wild beasts migration in the region. The country is rich with minerals such as gold, diamond and Tanzanite which is found only in place in the world Mirerani Hills near the foots of Mount Kilimanjaro. Also Tanzania is a democratic country been famous in the east Africa region by hosting more than 120 tribes been united by SWAHILI language.

About the Team

Tanzania Team for FIRST Global Robotic Challenge comprised of both male and female students who are very passionate about Science, engineering and Technology. These young students are future Innovators, Leaders, Scientist that are bold for changes in our country as well as the Global. These youth who will raise Tanzania flag at the FGC 2017 are Francis, Godbright, Kokubanza, Lisa, Modesta, Raymond and Sangali.

Godbright has been curious about Drone Technology & Robotics and believed in himself that one day he will live his dream by having a platform where by African student can have a chance to learn and explore drone technology. Despite of the shortage of resources he had for the past two years on his own efforts and time he explored drone technology. His passion and great idea has been raised up after joined Niwezeshe lab whereby he was able to be taught and mentored to foster his dream. Today is a founder of Robotic for Africa platform. He is a member of junior academy and had a chance to participate in the United Nation challenge 2030 hosted by New York academy of science whereby students introduce ideas that would help UN to reach the sustainable development Goals.

Both Modesta and Kokubanza are passionate about Technology, they have been learning coding and programming at APPS &girls organization. These two are owners of Social enterprise/Web based platforms. Analyzing problems faces students in our country in the public transport sector and shortage of books in schools, through technology they managed to come up with the solutions to easy the situation and raise alarm to the law makers. Modesta, the founder of Our Cries whereby students are able to report any problems facing them when using public Transport to/from school and that raise the alarm to the regulator of TRANSPORT ISSUES. Kokubanza owns the social enterprise known as “vitabu” shelf (“vitabu”means book in English); whereby students will be able to borrow, lend, sell and donate used books. She is also looking forward to allocate street used books shelves via restaurants and street shops. This will also help to improve the reading culture in the country. Decreasing land pollution caused by throwing used books is also among her mission.

Sangali & Francis both are high school student studying Physics, Mathematics, they are both dreaming to become engineers. Since they have a year ahead before joining the University, they are very excited about fulfilling their dreams. Apart from studies both they have a leadership talents. Francis has always have a dream of be Techprenuer and has a belief in Technology to solve any problems encounter the Global society that drive him under NLAB incubator to became with CLANS MUSEUM an online platform for storing Clans and Families records, also is member of Junior Academy and he participated in United Nation challenge 2030 hosted by Newyork academy of Science whereby students introduce ideas that would help UN to reach the sustainable development Goals. Sangali is part of the team brought the ideas of developing a first satellite in TANZANIA known as CUBESAT and also he has participated in an astronaut training in the USA at the Kennedy space Centre in Orlando where the were able get learn far about aerospace engineering and provide an overview the CUBESAT project. The team is still working on the project here in Tanzania.

Lisa & Raymond are passionate about computer programming and use their skills to be part of the emerged tech entrepreneur. They have been members of Nlab and Apps&Girls whereby they have been taught how to code. They also have ideas of finding solutions to the problems which faces our country. Raymond developed How Is My Teacher a rating platform where students from various schools rate their teachers based on performance. Anonymously also is a rewarding platform whereby now is organizing rewarding event to be held this year with the aim of promoting teaching as a career.

Team of these students who are very curious and enthusiast about STEM, they are very excited to be part of the FGC 2017. To some it is the first time to explore the technology behind robots but to be part of the team who have a chance to assemble and programme a robot is more than a dream come true. Determination. Hardworking as a team while focusing on collaboration with other nations bring more excitement which trigger their thinking capacity and thus bring more innovative ideas. Tanzania as a developing country having a vision 2025 for industrializing the country, robotic has a vital role to play. Since FIRST Global has invested to these future leaders/innovators//scientist//engineers is more than a dream come true to the country as well. The team has been working very hard and are expecting to learn & explore much from other ideas across the world.