Team Trinidad and Tobago 2017

We are Team Trinidad and Tobago. Our team has two mentors, Shastri Ram and Daniel Ramsook. The competitors in our team are Fahad Hosein, Josef Gonsalez and Avidesh Marajh. Team Trinidad and Tobago is being represented by the students of Presentation College, Chaguanas, the premier secondary school in the country.

Fahad Hosein, our team captain is a diligent science student who aspires to become a Mechanical Engineer, taking interest in all areas of innovation and technology. A hardworking young man, Fahad is one of the top students in the College making him the obvious choice to lead the team by the qualities he displays.

Avidesh and Josef are both classmates of Fahad. Excellent students and sportsmen, they have both been part of the National Badminton teams of Trinidad and Tobago making them well-rounded students. Both students are very competent in the areas of technology and computer programming, seeking to become the very best in the fields of their choosing.

Daniel Ramsook, the co-mentor of the team of the team is a Physics teacher at the College with a background in oilfield services. A tenacious young man, he pushes his students to excel in whatever they put their efforts into.

Shastri Ram, the official mentor of our team is one of the brightest minds in the country having been awarded the prize for the Best Student in the country a few years ago. He is heavily involved in the field of robotics and is the driving force behind Team Trinidad and Tobago.

Robotics is a new and developing arena in Trinidad and Tobago. Competing at the First Global Robotics Competition 2017 is an opportunity to grow and expand our horizons in Robotics. We look forward to meeting, interacting and learning with the global community. See you all there!!!