Team Turkey 2017

We are Urfa STEM Team from Şanlıurfa, Turkey who feel honored to be part of the FIRST Global in Washington. We’re driven by the idea that the best product is born from the best cooperation. We will be racing in FIRST Global to cooperate with our peers from other countries to overcome the robotic challenges.

Maybe you all know a football team that lived on a little island in the south of Thailand c-alled “Koh Panyee”, which is a floating village in the middle of the sea that does not have an inch of soil. The children who loved football turned their dreams into reality on this floating village playing on wooden lags.

We are a team of dedicated learners from different high schools, who first met STEM initiative 3 years ago in Urfa STEM Center. We will surely start the next wave of STEMrobotics in Turkey. With our mentors, we did our best “STEM-ize” all the schools in Şanlıurfa to shape future of our city and country, now we are extending our dreams to bigger ones. As Urfa STEM Team, we are proud to provide all students with enthusiasm we share.

Since the day we were accepted into this International Robot Olympics, our mentors have kept our spirits up. We are all very passionate about the event. This competition will be the best place where we will show our never ending passion for engineering and robotics to build a better future. We are intent to prove that a group of high school students are the builders not their own but also the future of their peers and their own countries.