Team Uruguay 2017

The team is conformed by students from the “José Alonso y Trelles” high school, located in Tala, a small town in Uruguay.

The students have been trained by Plan Ceibal in key competences such as robot assembly from technological waste, 3D design, modeling and printing, construction of sensors for XO laptops and use of Gobilab sensors.

Plan Ceibal provided materials and training for the students to learn how to program LEGO robots with Enchanting, Tortubots, Mindstorm NXT, Java and Python. They also learned how to assemble and program Butiá robots using Tortubots and Python, and build robots with Arduino boards.

They had a repeatedly outstanding participation at Robotics Olympics and FIRST LEGO League organized by Plan Ceibal.

We consider that all robotics competencies are excellent instances of learning, it generate spaces to share diverse experiences and knowledge. In these events, the teams expose the solutions found for certain problems, allowing us to discover other strategies and different points of view. Other teams are not seen as opponents, but as companions from whom we can learn.

The importance of collaborative work, companionship and respect is experienced at these events; we also learned that mistakes are not a source of frustration, but new opportunities to develop knowledge, being perseverance a pillar in the development of the human being.

From all the above, the team name is “Garra Charrúa”. This is a Uruguayan expression used to denominate the perseverance with which some people face difficult situations and strong obstacles with success.