Team Zimbabwe 2017

Team Zimbabwe is comprised of energetic, enthusiastic and highly creative young achievers. These boys and girls have one thing in common: a passion to build and create. They are driven by a desire to change the world in their own little but impactful way. From scooping the best Robot Performance award in the FIRST Lego League local competition to building technology start-ups in the Technovation Challenge in 2014, the team is equipped to transform the STEM landscape in Zimbabwe and beyond. These leaders of “today”are already making a mark and charting a path for inclusive growth and empowerment through various leadership roles from being junior council members, senior prefects and heading school clubs. Inspired by the STEM program being promoted by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and the vast opportunities around them, the team is determined to use scientific inquiry and engineering design to come up with useful solutions. The team is privileged and highly honoured to participate in the International FIRST Global Robotics Olympics and take it as an opportunity to showcase the unique talents and gifts young Zimbabweans (Zimbos) are endowed with! Team Zimbots all the way!