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Chaque année, FIRST Global fait participer les jeunes du monde entier aux STEM (Science, Technologie, Ingénierie & Mathématiques). Mais à une époque où nous ne pouvons pas nous réunir en personne, nous lançons un moyen amusant pour la communauté FIRST Global de rester connectée. Tout comme les autres saisons, nous aurons la participation des volontaires, des équipes nationales, et beaucoup d'engagement. Rejoignez-nous pour un saison de défis techniques et de réseaux sociaux, de discussions STEM et de formations techniques, tout en vous connectant avec la communauté du monde entier.

Join us for the 2020 FIRST Global Challenge Celebration! ?

2020 FIRST Global Challenge Community Portrait

We Are the Generation

Volunteer Shoutout Around the World

Glorious Global Motion Machine

Flavors of the World Recipe Book

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Nous lançons des défis hebdomadaires via les médias sociaux, dont il existe deux types: les défis des médias sociaux qui nécessitent de soumettre du contenu en réponse à diverses questions, ainsi que les défis techniques. Bien que les équipes officielles soient les seules éligibles à gagner des points, nos défis sont ouverts à tous, alors n'hésitez pas à vous rejoignez! Assurez-vous de publier publiquement et @F1RSTglobal.

What Does STEM Mean to You?

Challenge #1 - Quarantine Time

1 July - 3 July

Challenge #2 - Technical Challenge I

4 July - 20 July

Challenge #3 - Dream Big

7 July - 9 July

Challenge #4 - Mic Drop

11 July - 13 July

Challenge #5 - Got Talent?

14 July - 16 July

Challenge #6 - Volunteer Shoutout

18 July - 20 July

Challenge #7 - Project Impact

22 July - 7 Aug

Challenge #8 - Let Those Words Flow

24 July - 28 July

Challenge #9 - You've Got a Friend in Me

29 July - 31 July

Challenge #10 - Technical Challenge II

1 Aug - 15 Aug

Challenge #11 - What's Cooking?

5 Aug - 9 Aug

Challenge #12 - Lights, Camera, Action

10 Aug - 12 Aug

Challenge #13 - Alumni Spotlight

13 Aug - 17 Aug

Challenge #14 - Technical Challenge III

16 Aug - 29 Aug

Challenge #15 - Say Cheese

18 Aug - 20 Aug

Challenge #16 - Contact Your Government

22 Aug - 28 Aug

Challenge #17 - For the Ladies

26 Aug - 28 Aug

Challenge #18 - In the News

29 Aug - 4 Sep

Challenge #19 - Technical Challenge IV

30 Aug - 14 Sep

Challenge #20 - School's in Session

2 Sep - 4 Sep

Challenge #21 - Mother Tongue

7 Sep - 9 Sep

Challenge #22 - We Believe in You

12 Sep - 14 Sep

Challenge #23 - Technical Challenge V

15 Sep - 25 Sep

Challenge #24 - Show & Tell Time

19 Sep - 21 Sep

Challenge #25 - Reflections

23 Sep - 25 Sep

Post-Season #1 - Community Recognition

Post-Season #2 - You've Been Challenged

Post-Season #3 - Work in Progress

Post-Season #4 - Get Cooking


Vous êtes invités à rejoignez-nous pour des présentations en ligne par des supporters engageant et inspirant de FIRST Global qui discuteront de divers sujets liés aux STEM et à leurs expériences, fourniront des conseils aux étudiants et répondront aux questions.

The Man Behind the Mic: Q&A with Tim Dodds

Saturday 11 July at 1:00PM UTC

Tim Dodds has been the “voice” of FIRST Global since 2017, so he’s seen our organization grow from the beginning. Join us as we learn more about Tim, his perspectives as a teacher, and what he has learned from his work with FIRST Global over the past three years.

From Engineer to Volunteer with Crystal and Nilesh

Saturday 1 August at 1:00PM UTC

Crystal and Nilesh have been involved with FIRST Global since 2017, so they’ve seen the direct impact of FIRST Global on countless youth. Join us as we learn about how their engineering careers led them to volunteering, and how students can use their FIRST Global experience and an engineering degree as a stepping stone to an impactful life.

Changing the World One Kid at a Time with Dean Kamen

Saturday 15 August at 1:00PM UTC

This speaker needs no introduction… meet the inventor, the philanthropist, the man himself — Dean Kamen! Join us as we learn about the importance of using the tools of STEM, now more than ever, to inspire youth to tackle global challenges.

Forging a Path as a Woman in STEM with Naoka and Victoria

Saturday 5 September at 1:00PM UTC

From designing medical devices, to improving manufacturing and other technologies, join us as we learn from female engineers who’ve been living their STEM dreams. They’ll talk about their experiences, as well as insights for other females interested in pursuing STEM careers.

Learning From Alumni with Carolain, Tshenollo, Sarah, and Rafik

Saturday 12 September at 1:00PM UTC

Learning from those who’ve tread the path before can be an insightful process for any novice. Join us as we learn from students who have participated in a FIRST Global Challenge in the past and have now moved on to pursue higher education toward achieving their STEM career.

Full STEAM Ahead with

Saturday 26 September at 1:00PM UTC

Musician, tech entrepreneur, and philanthropist is a firm advocate for the importance of STEAM skills development in youth, and has been a long-time supporter of FIRST and FIRST Global. Join us as we learn more about his perspectives on STEAM education, the work he’s doing, and his insights on questions submitted by the FIRST Global community.

Launching into the World of STEM with Anousheh Ansari

Saturday 3 October at 1:00PM UTC

As the first female private space explorer, as well as the CEO of XPRIZE, an organization that operates incentive competitions to solve humanity’s greatest challenges, Anousheh Ansari knows how to use STEM as a launching pad to reach for the stars. Join us as we learn more from her experiences in space and innovation, and how youth can harness their own skills to achieve their dreams.

Making the Most of Your FIRST Global Experience on College and Job Applications with Ilene Rein

Saturday 17 October at 1:00PM UTC

Ilene Rein is a professional recruiter and partner at Marketing & Sales Resources, Inc. with over 10 years of recruitment experience. She’s also a long-time volunteer and supporter of FIRST! Join us as she combines the two areas to provide students with tips for how they can best market their FIRST Global experience and STEM skillsets when creating their resumes for college and job applications and impressing during interviews. You can also learn more on her website:

Bonus: LUKE™ Arm, iBOT®, Slingshot, and More: A Look at DEKA Innovations

Saturday 10 October at 1:00PM UTC

DEKA Research and Development Corp. was founded by Dean Kamen to focus on medical innovations aimed at improving lives around the world. Join us as we learn about some of the most innovative and life-changing products of our time.

Bonus: Researching Turtle- and Tortoise-Inspired Amphibious Locomotion with Experts from Yale University

Saturday 24 October at 1:00PM UTC

Researchers at Yale University, a member of the FIRST Global Higher Education Network, are working on a turtle- and tortoise-inspired robot project. Learn more about how they are using principles from biology and engineering to create the first morphing robotic limb capable of matching its configuration and stiffness to its environment. Bio has been recognized by seven Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award, a CLIO Award, the World Economic Forum’s Crystal Award, and an Honorary Fellowship by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).


Among his leadership roles in entertainment and business are:  frontman of Black Eyed Peas; Consulting Producer and guest on “The Age of AI” series/YouTube Learning with Robert Downey Jr.; Executive Producer, “Parkland Rising” documentary film with Katie Couric;  Coach on “The Voice” (UK) for nine seasons, and Coach on “The Voice Kids” (UK) for four seasons; Mentor on “The Voice” (US); Guest Recording Artist on NBC’s “Songland”; Executive Producer and Mentor on “Planet of the Apps”/Apple TV with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba; creator/performer, “Yes We Can” music video; voice actor and composer on “Madagascar”/(FOX); and actor in “RIO” and RIO2” (FOX) films.


Through his i.amMEDIA creative content unit, is currently developing a slate of feature films, documentaries and television programs, including “Masters of the Sun-The Zombie Chronicles”, a graphic novel presented by the Black Eyed Peas and Marvel Comics, featuring Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and live concert experiences. He is also the co-author of a young adult sci-fi novel, “Wizards and Robots” with Penguin Publishing, now being adapted for the screen. collaborates with global brands on creative campaigns and events, among them Accenture, AB InBev, Atom Bank, Bacardi, Beats Electronics, Dr. Pepper, Intel, Lexus, Nestle, Pepsi, Salesforce, Stradigi AI, Super Bowl, The Coca-Cola Company, UEFA Champions League, and World Cup/FIFA.  He is also the founder & CEO of I.AM+, a company that develops AI-based customer service applications using natural language interaction.


He a member of the World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Advisory Committee and Global Artificial Intelligence Council that monitors the impact of technology on society, people and work. He also co-chairs the World Economic Forum’s Generation AI working group that examines the interaction of AI and youth across education, play, data rights and privacy.


His Foundation supports in-class and after-school STEAM education programs for disadvantaged youth in grades K – 12. As a member of the FIRST robotics organization’s board of directors, also serves as a global advocate regarding the vital importance of STEAM skills development as the basis of an educated workforce that can fill the jobs of today, and tomorrow.

Anousheh Ansari Bio

Anousheh Ansari is a CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation, the world’s leader in designing and operating incentive competitions to solve humanity’s grand challenges. Ansari, along with her family, sponsored the organization’s first competition, the Ansari XPRIZE, a $10 million competition that ignited a new era for commercial spaceflight.  Since then, she has served on XPRIZE’s Board of Directors.


Prior to being named CEO of XPRIZE, Ansari served as the CEO of Prodea Systems, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) technology firm she co-founded in 2006, and continues to serve as the executive chairwoman. She captured headlines around the world when she embarked upon an 11-day space expedition, accomplishing her childhood dream of becoming the first female private space explorer, first astronaut of Iranian descent, first Muslim woman in space, and fourth private explorer to visit space.


Ansari serves on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Future Council and has received numerous honors, including the WEF Young Global Leader, Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and STEM Leadership Hall of Fame, among others. She is a UNESCO Good Will Ambassador and serves on the board of Jabil and Peace First, as well as several other not-for-profit organizations focused on STEM education and youth empowerment.


Ansari also co-founded The Billion Dollar Fund for Women, announced at the Tri Hita Karana (THK) Forum on Sustainable Development in Bali, Indonesia, with a goal of investing $1 billion in women-founded companies by 2020.


She published her memoir, My Dream of Stars, to share her life story as inspiration for young women around the world.


Ansari holds a BS in electronics and computer engineering from George Mason University, an MS in electrical engineering from George Washington University; and honorary doctorates from George Mason University, Utah Valley University, and International Space University.


En partenariat avec REV Robotics, FIRST Global organisera des séances d'information sur des sujets liés aux robots FIRST Global et au kit de pièces.

Robot Design, Tips, and Tricks

Thursday 23 July at 7:00PM UTC

Join REV Robotics for a live video call to discuss topics ranging from general questions, robot design, and technical advice.

Mastering Robot Control with Programming and Sensors

Thursday 20 August at 7:00PM UTC

This session will include discussion and examples related to programming, using sensors, and making the most out of teleoperated control.

Getting Started with Computer-Aided Design

Thursday 10 September at 7:00PM UTC

Learn about computer-aided design (CAD), tips for using SOLIDWORKS CAD software, and advice on robot-related design.

Device Frame


Vous souhaitez développer vos compétences STEM? Du codage et de la programmation à la modélisation 3D, la CAO et la simulation, à la construction de robots et à d'autres opportunités d'apprentissage, nous avons compilé une variété de ressources pour vous aider dans votre parcours d'apprentissage.

Representation Map

Teams not visible on the map: Andorra; Bermuda; Îles Caïmans; Comores; Chinese Taipei; Guam; Espoir (Réfugiés); Hong Kong, China; Kiribati; Saint-Christophe-et-Niévès; Samoa; Seychelles; Tonga.





Les équipes participent à des défis hebdomadaires amusants via les médias sociaux. Au fur les étudiants soumettent du contenu pour les défis, leurs équipes gagnent des points pour les prix et récompenses! Nous collecterons ici certaines des meilleures soumissions.

Team Colombia ?? What STEM Means

❝For me, STEM is more than a word, it’s a universal tool that affects change, opportunity, and progress… STEM has given me great opportunities to get closer to my goals, and to be a positive reference point to my close circle. And although STEM means something different to each of us, we agree on something — we have much to improve in our life itself, and generate tools of great use to the world thanks to the STEM development.❞ —Carolain, Team Colombia ??

Team Belize ?? What STEM Means


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❝For me, STEM is not just an acronym, it is a community. A community and family of learners who are eager, open minded, and willing to understand others’ opinions and perspectives. It is a place where you can showcase your talents, work on your passions, and find your true calling. Just like any family, you have to invest time and energy into it. STEM is an investment into the future. Although we cannot predict the future, having great STEM skills will allow us to be prepared for anything.❞ —Lance, Team Belize ??

Team Madagascar ?? What STEM Means

STEM gathers all people around the world. So whatever our age, gender, or nationality, we can all be a STEM warrior. Thanks to FIRST Global, even youth like me can interchange and know better about STEM. For me, we can do great things with STEM because in STEM, we’re not only building robots, we also explore and discover new things, like the beauty of the universe and its secrets. We learn something new, and share them to others. We also solve multiple problems… STEM gives us the power to understand and change the world, so let’s be curious; let’s ignite our imagination and creativity and build together a new world, a safe world, and a better world for everyone.❞ —Zo-Hary, Team Madagascar ??

Team South Africa ?? What STEM Means


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❝We may not be able to understand each other’s languages, but we have a common goal, which is to use STEM to make the world a better place. The FIRST Global Challenge uses robotics to create a platform where STEM unites the youth.❞ —Jared, Team South Africa ??

Team Albania’s ?? Quarantine Time

Team Libya’s ?? Quarantine Time

Team Comoros’ ?? Quarantine Time

Team Philippines’ ?? Quarantine Time

Team Venezuela’s ?? Takeoff for Technical Challenge I


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Team Montenegro’s ?? Takeoff for Technical Challenge I


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Team Spain’s ?? Takeoff for Technical Challenge I

Team Liberia’s ?? Takeoff for Technical Challenge I

Team Honduras ?? Dreaming Big

The members of Team Honduras ?? have a collective dream — obtaining university degrees. Coming from a place where the majority of the population is below the poverty line, they know that education is the key to unlocking a better future. A dream inspired, in part, through FIRST Global.

Team People’s Republic of China ?? Dreaming Big


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XuCheng dreams to improve educational equality for youth around the world, especially in STEM. ❝STEM can really empower the development of human civilization, however, not all students have the chance to know about these powerful driving forces… In order to achieve my goal, STEM is my foundation.❞ —XuCheng, Team People’s Republic of China ??

Team Kosovo ?? Dreaming Big


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Albana dreams to extend STEM to others. ❝As I got to experience what it’s like being part of a big community such as FIRST Global, it made me want to give this opportunity to other people too. Now that’s my dream, getting other people involved in STEM fields, giving them a chance to see the world from a different perspective.❞ —Albana, Team Kosovo ??

Team Bosnia and Herzegovina ?? Dreaming Big


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Armin dreams to be a mathematician and programmer in the future. ❝We need to motivate people to dream big, but also work on their dreams. I want to make the world a better place, and to help people have better lives. STEM completely fits into it because it contains everything I need to achieve it.❞ —Armin, Team Bosnia and Herzegovina ??

Team Sri Lanka ?? Mic Drop

Team Sudan ?? Mic Drop

Team Pakistan ?? Mic Drop


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Team Qatar ?? Mic Drop

Team Mexico ?? has Got Talent

Team Iran ?? has Got Talent

Team Paraguay ?? has Got Talent


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Team Greece ?? has Got Talent

Team Guinea-Bissau ?? Project Impact

Team Zimbabwe ?? Project Impact

Team Hungary ?? Project Impact

Team Saint Kitts & Nevis ?? Project Impact

Team Serbia ?? Letting Those Words Flow


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Team Nepal ?? Letting Those Words Flow

Team Jamaica ?? Letting Those Words Flow


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Team Poland ?? Letting Those Words Flow

Team Italy ?? Glorious Global Motion Machine

Team Malaysia ?? Glorious Global Motion Machine

Team Slovakia ?? Glorious Global Motion Machine

Team Mongolia ?? Glorious Global Motion Machine

Team Moldova ?? What’s Cooking?


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Team Kenya ?? What’s Cooking?


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Team Turkey ?? What’s Cooking?


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Team Bulgaria ?? What’s Cooking?

Team United Arab Emirates ?? Alumni Spotlight

Team Libya ?? Alumni Spotlight

Team Brazil ?? Alumni Spotlight


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Team Angola ?? Alumni Spotlight

Team Cambodia ?? Getting Animated

Team Ghana ?? Getting Animated

Team Palestine ?? Getting Animated

Team Cabo Verde ?? Getting Animated

Team Bangladesh ?? Better By Design

Team Mexico ?? Better By Design

Team Tunisia ?? Better By Design

Team Paraguay ?? Better By Design

Team South Africa ?? School’s in Session

Team Poland ?? School’s in Session

Team Mongolia ?? School’s in Session

Team Philippines ?? School’s in Session

Team Qatar ?? Mother Tongue

Team Albania ?? Mother Tongue

Team Puerto Rico ?? Mother Tongue

Team Sudan ?? Mother Tongue

Team Bangladesh ?? We Believe in You

Team Oman ?? We Believe in You


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Team Bosnia and Herzegovina ?? We Believe in You


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Team Suriname ?? We Believe in You


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Team Slovenia ?? Protecting Our Future

Team Colombia ?? Protecting Our Future

Team Russia ?? Protecting Our Future

Team United Arab Emirates ?? Protecting Our Future

Team Tunisia ?? Reflections

Team Nepal ?? Reflections

Team Guatemala ?? Reflections

Team Madagascar ?? Reflections