Team Bahamas 2017

Team Bahamas is comprised of high school students from Saint Augustine’s College in Nassau, The Bahamas. These students are members of the school’s Computer Science club, Google CS First facilitated by the team’s mentor, Dauran McNeil.

The Bahamas is an archipelago comprising of 700 islands and cays surrounded by turquoise blue waters off the coast of Florida. These students are excited to represent The Bahamas on a global level in the field of Robotics. They all have a desire and passion for The Bahamas to be recognized for technological advancement and inventions among its natural beauty, ocean, indigenous creatures and culture.

Some of the team members include; seventeen year old Jared Nurse, who enjoys playing soccer, baseball, swimming, listening to music, reading, photography, bird watching and visiting historical sites as well as calm relaxing settings such as the beach. He hopes to become a Computer Engineer who is able to play the guitar, and to speak in Spanish with the ability to communicate using sign language. Another member of team Bahamas is seventeen year old Nia Strachan who loves gaming, swimming, coding, and social networking. Nia’s dreams are to obtain a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Computer Science, launch an online company, and become a writer / illustrator. A next team member is 17 year old Mateus Goncalves, who is keen on becoming a Medical Device Engineer. Logic systems and logical fallacies interest him, and he obsesses over documenting words that are new to him. Another team member is sixteen year old Frankiesha Wright, who loves the ocean. She aspire to become a Marie Biologist, Entrepreneur and a Motivational Speaker.

See you in Washington, D.C