The 2018 FIRST Global Challenge

The 2018 FIRST Global Challenge centered around the theme of “Energy Impact”. In mid-August, youth from around the world gathered together at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City for the second iteration of our international event. Visit our YouTube page to watch the team videos, feature videos, and livestream of the event.

2018 National Teams

Teams not shown on the map: Andorra, Cayman Islands, Kiribati, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Tonga, Hong Kong, Hope (Refugees), North America (Navajo Nation)South America (Colombia), Europe (Catalonia), Africa (The Gambia), Oceania (Australia).

2018 Game: Energy Impact

The theme of the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge was “Energy Impact”. From commonly used fossil fuels to environmentally-friendly resources like solar and wind, energy is a tool that powers the different parts of our world one way or another. The 2018 FIRST Global Challenge explored the impact of the different types of energy we use and how we can make them more sustainable.


Energy Impact Instructional Video



Energy Impact Game Design Manuals



Energy Impact Field Build Guide



For Questions and Answers regarding the game, view this document.

2018 Team Rankings

For more detailed ranking information, view this document. You can also view the games schedule here.

2018 Awards

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