The 7 moments the FIRST Global robotics olympiad left us with

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Translated from Spanish.

The FIRST Global Challenge international robotics olympiad ended with emotional moments that left many lessons and unique experiences among participants from more than 160 countries.

This event was held at the Mexico City Arena from August 16 to 18, in which the Mexican team, composed entirely of students from the PrepaTec, Tec de Monterrey, won 3 awards.

In CONECTA we present the 7 moments left by the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge:

Dean Kamen in front of group of people with flags of the world

1.- “The world needs bridges, not walls.”

These were the words of Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST, during his inaugural speech, affirming that the world needs people, from different backgrounds, willing to cooperate.

The competition was a representation that no matter skin color, language, religion or race, if you work on a common goal, you get incredible results.

Young Sirius being interviewed

2.- The passion for your dreams makes you invincible.

No matter the adversity, you can achieve your dreams if you want to.

This is the case of the Hope team, formed by young people from Syria, who have been living in Lebanon since the war broke out in their country.

Osama Shhadeh, their mentor, ensures that refugees can achieve their dreams if they fight for them, as long as they do not lose hope.

That’s how they chose the name of the team.

Group of Mexicans and Venezuelans hugging each other

3.- Helping another to win also makes you a winner.

The gold medal obtained by the Mexican team for “Outstanding supporter”  is given to teams that help other teams, before, during and after the tournament.

One of the reasons why the Mexicans were awarded was because they hosted the Venezuelan team in their workshop for days and helped them with the details of their robot.

At the end of the tournament, Team Venezuela came together with their teammates and shouted together: “Long live Venezuela and live Mexico . 

Mexico City Auditorium during light show

4.- Science is not boring, but exciting.

If you are a fan of a sport, you have surely felt the emotion of a goal, a score, a home run, a point, and hundreds of other sports actions.

Therefore, Dean Kamen said that his intention is to turn science and technology into an exciting discipline that will lift more than one out of their seat in excitement.

And it turned out the Arena Ciudad de Mexico, where the FIRST Global Challenge was held, was flooded dozens of times by the shouts of excitement from attendees.

Young people hugging

5.- While there are seconds on the clock, do not give up!

During the tournament, there were very close matches in which the teams left everything on the court.

One of the most notorious for the attendees was the alliance of Mexico, Hungary and Cambodia against Argentina, Uzbekistan and Bolivia.

For more than a minute, both teams went ahead and it was not until the final seconds that the match was defined.

In the end it was the alliance of Mexico that was the winner, but the rivals won an ovation from the audience for the way they fought until the end.

Youth from different cultures during FIRST tournament

6.- We have more things in common than things that separate us.

Venezuela dancing cumbias Mexicanas, the United Kingdom competing with African teams, Refugees from Syria next to US citizens.

Teams did not share languages, cultures, skin color or religion, but they were joined by a passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

In the end, the teams took flags, photos, necklaces, bracelets, hats and endless memories of their new friends from all continents.

Dean Kamen being interviewed.

7.- Dreams do come true.

FIRST started as Dean’s dream, and the FIRST Global Challenge is the culmination of years of work.

This was stated by him when he thanked the participants for their passion, dedication and, above all, for living the values ​​of cooperation and teamwork.

He also thanked Tecnológico de Monterrey for being an ally for years in the holding of FIRST events and the Salinas Group for organizing this edition of the event.

On the other hand, one of the concerns of Dean is that governments do not support these types of projects enough, but he is grateful for the attitude of the new generations, who will not let that happen”.

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