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The FIRST Global MiniBot is an example of a robot that you can construct with components from your robot kit. The information should only be used to help you learn how to work with the different parts contained within your robot kit, and should not be recreated exactly by your team with the purpose of using it at the FIRST Global Challenge. Although the MiniBot is not designed to successfully compete in this year’s Challenge, you should feel free to incorporate elements of it into your own robot design, or use a version of it if you alter important aspects of robot (such as game ball handling capabilities) to be effective at accomplishing the tasks of this year’s Challenge.

Minibot Guide

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Gear Drivetrain

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Software and Programming

FIRST Global Programming Tools

The programming software available for FIRST Global teams will include two different options to accommodate for different skill levels and programming tastes. Teams will have the choice of using a graphical-based programming interface or text-based programming interface.


The graphical interface uses interconnected blocks and is a good choice for teams that are new to writing code or that wish to view robot commands visually.



The text-based interface is a good choice for those with more experience or those who would like to have a more customized coding platform.



Both choices will give teams the skills needed to code an effective competition robot.


For an introduction to the block-based programming interface, explore the Google Blockly webpage:


For information about the text-based Java programming interface, explore the Android Studio webpage:


Happy Coding!

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