Team Kiribati 2018

From left to right: Tasaulym, Bongraoi, Kantoa.

Mr Tasaulym Tassie Ruoikabuti, Team Captain

Tasaulym Tassie Ruoikabuti is a senior student at King George V and Ellaine Bernacchi School in Kiribati where he is majoring his studies on science field. He is interested in robotics since robots help a student like him to have self-confidence, vision and important skills for a challenging engineering sector. He is keen with calculations and problem-solving and his favorite subjects include Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry. Tassie is a former senior prefect of the school and additionally he became a member of the squad (team) for high school competitions in track and field events in the years of competition 2015 to 2018. During his spare time, he goes out for a jog or plays computer games. He hopes in the future to become a deck officer and marine engineer (gaining two qualifications).

Ms Bongraoi Arebaio, Human player

Bongraoi is a form seven student at King George V and Ellaine Bernacchi School located in Kiribati, a small Pacific island nation. She is a science student who is interested in becoming a computer engineer and would like to pursue further studies abroad once she completes her Form 7. She has always tried to attain excellent marks and her keen interest in physics has led to this new arena of robotics. One of her favorite hobbies is reading. She is an organized and determined person who fulfills her tasks to the best of her efforts. She loves challenges and is grateful to be on the robotics team representing Kiribati, but mostly she is excited for this is all very new to her and would be quite a wonderful and challenging experience for her.

Mr Kantoa Tiubeta Rimon, Driver

Kantoa Tiubeta Rimon, a form seven students in KGV&EBS high school in Kiribati. He would like to pursue a robotic engineering career as robots have captivated him from a young age. He sees robots as machines that could greatly affect the evolution of our world. He loves mathematics and science and has performed very well in these study areas. He is a brilliant student capable of doing great things, he loves to break rules and explore unknown areas. “I love to listen to music as it is my stress reliever. I was a medical boy last year in my school, responsible for the sick ones. I am a boy with love for robots and would give everything to study robotic engineering. I am a simple man with a complicated mind, in my spare times I go to the beach and enjoy the view of the sunset.”