Team Tonga 2018

Left to Right: Nofo Fonua ‘I-Muli Hakaumotu (Mentor), Mo’ale Falefo’ou, Ruby Tu’ihalangigie, Siosi’ana Heitonga, Finau Taumoepeau, Toakase Tulua, Sione Tongotea, Pateli Vailea (Assistant Mentor / TEAM Manager)

Team Tonga – Solidarity and Unity For ALL.

Team Tonga is representing The Kingdom of Tonga, the only Polynesian sovereign state in the South Pacific. Tonga is only a dot on the world map but is known for its friendliness and hospitality. Team Tonga is inspired by Shimon Peres’ quote, “Politics Divides, Science Unites” and the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico will set the pathway for the younger generation to connect the unconnected, develop the underdeveloped, find the missing pieces and make a differences in today’s world for the benefit of the future.

Team Tonga consists of 6 students, 1 Team manager and 1 Mentor. They were selected based on their school academic results and hands on practice in ICT subjects in high school. The spirit of team work and collaboration builds them as one family. The time spent in designing and coding is what gives them the solidarity and unity to reach out for each other and making use of their brilliant minds into finding solutions for a better future.

Team Tonga is convinced with the idea that 2018 FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico will bring them together with students all over the world and they are looking forward to enhancing their skills and experiences, and sharing passions and ideas for the improvement of the present to a better future. The theme “Energy Impact” from this challenge inspires the team to utilize the skills that they possess into making use of all energy sources to impact Tonga and the world in a positive way.

We wish all the participants from the entire world a great challenge and see you in Mexico.

Team Tonga details below: 

Toakase Tulua, Team Leader/Designer
Sione Tongotea, Mechanical/Electrical
Finau Taumoepeau, Programmer
Mo’ale Falefo’ou, Driver
Ruby Tu’ihalangingie, Analyst/Human Player 1
Siosi’ana Heitonga, Tester/Human Player 2
Fonua Hakaumotu, Team Mentor (Adult 1: Mentor)
Pateli Vailea, Team Manager (Adult 2: Team Manager)