Team Marshall Islands 2018

Iokwe! We are team Marshall Islands we are very excited to be part of the FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico City.  The team consists of three high school students who are willing to learn and experience robotics because this is new for them.

The Marshall Islands is known for its unique way of navigating when sailing traditional canoes in the vast Pacific Ocean. As many come to learn our unique navigation skills, we also want to go out and learn new ideas that can help improve our small developing nation. We are very excited to meet other students from other countries who are participating in this year FIRST Global Challenge. 

Billiam Andrew Tom Bing (Spokeperson)
Hello! My name is Billiam Andrew Tom Bing. I’m a senior student for Majuro Cooperative School in Majuro Marshall Islands. I’ve had some interest in Science and Technology since I was a kid. In my free time, I would read, sleep, or play some video games. I’m not really good with mathematics but would try whatever I can to keep myself in the passing grade level. I’m very excited about getting selected to be part of FIRST Global and hope that I can learn and have fun. I am looking forward to sharing and learning from other countries that are participating in the FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico City. 

Julynn George (Captain)
Hi! My name is Julynn George and I am from the Northern High School in the Marshall Islands. I am 18 years old and I am very excited to be part of team representing the Marshall Islands to the FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico. This is will be my first time to travel outside of my country and so I could say that Mexico is my first paradise. I can’t wait to meet other students from around the world and learn from them as much as possible. This is my first time to learn about robotics and I hope to gain a lot from the program so that I can share with my fellow classmates at my home island. 

Juonjuon George (Driver)
Iokwe! My name is Juonjuon George and I am 18 years of age. I am a high school student here in the R.M.I (Republic of the Marshall Islands) and I live in a village called Small Island. I was in a complete shock when I found out that I was one of three students who are selected to compete on the robotic competition in Mexico. For me it will be a whole new level because I haven’t learned and studied about robots, but I am happy and willing to try and do my best because it is once in a lifetime and I know it will be an exciting event. I am ready with excitement to compete on this event even though it is the first time for me. My parents always say that nothing is impossible in life. I will do my best and learn from all the participants in the FIRST Global Challenge.

Nimata Helsa Nakamura (Mentor)
My name is Nimata Helsa Nakamura and I am the team mentor. I am 32 years old and although I do not have any experience in robotics, I am very fortunate to be part of this team because this is something that is very new to us and I hope we’ll learn a lot from it. As I mentioned to the team, being part of this event will give us the chance to learn and be able to come back home and share with others. I am very excited and really looking forward to learning and sharing with all participants in the FGC in Mexico City. Good Luck to all the teams participating!