Team Andorra 2018

Hi, everyone! We are Team Andorra and we are really excited to meet you all. We met each other as we all participated in the Lego League. We were contacted by our National Youth Council to put together a team to take part in the Challenge. We have a lot of fun building robots and goofing around. We are a very diverse team representing the reality of our nation. This chance is the culmination of a generation that started with our mentor, he was part of the very first robotics team that appeared in Andorra and now we can go international with him.

See you soon!

Pol Castillo – Spokesperson and driver
Hi, I am 16 years old and my name is Pol. I really like robots but I started only recently building them, and it is my favourite part. I like doing many different things: from hiking and climbing, to playing basketball or traveling. I want to discover everything and the FIRST Global Challenge is the nicest way to learn more about programming and meeting new people. I am very glad to participate. Hope to see you all there!

Eloi Correia – Human player
I am Eloi and I am 16 years old. I was invited by my school to join the team to attend the Challenge. My school offers a very broad choice of subjects and the atmosphere is very friendly, that is probably the best we have. I had the chance to manipulate and design some robots at my school. Later on, we participated at the local Lego League. I love how I can build what I imagine and the limitless possibilities it has for the future. Outside robotics, I love sports and enjoying nature with my friends.

Jorge Romero – Captain
Hello, my name is Jorge and I am now 16 years old. I was always playing with building blocks and dreaming about robots. At school, I finally had the chance to build my first robot and participate in the Lego League together with Pol and Lek. They are my classmates and we love science and handcrafting. I play tennis and I like videogames. Robots are customizable and we can shape them as we like, and I love that.

Kasinayut Mungsungnoen (Lek) – Programmer
Everyone calls me Lek, I am 16 years old and I am the programmer of the team. I started with robotics at 9 at home with very simple pieces offered by my parents. I go very often to the movies and I listen to music at all times. I am still unsure on what to study next because I love all sciences and specially engineering and math. In particular, robots are exciting as they can be very diverse and complex, no matter the size.

Mario Giménez – Mentor
I am 25, my name is Mario and it is a pleasure to participate in this amazing event. I started over a decade ago building robots with my engineering teacher back in school and we created the first robotics team in Andorra. At first we could only participate in competitions in Catalonia as there were no other teams nearby. Now, ten years later, we have a national Lego League and many robotics teams. I worked as a referee in the Lego League and I am very happy to be able to teach the new generation.