Team South America 2018

You must be the change you want in the world. We are part of the FIRST Global Challenge 2018 to innovate, experiment, improve, and give the world the change we want to see in our home. 

We are three girls from Colombia: Danna Forero (Driver), Ana Maria Ruiz (Spokesperson), and Valentina Moreno (Programmer). We like robotics because we firmly believe that technological development can help many people in different areas. We always have a passion for helping society. We are the future of humanity and the ones today working with the youth of tomorrow for the next generations. We think robotics is a discipline, like any other, that needs precision, technique, and dedication, but above all, a great love for the work that’s done. We are a small group, however, we are surrounded by people who, like us, have great qualities, and that makes our group improve, grow and give our best, and they give us the tools to be able to do wonderful things. 

The best way to predict the future is to create it, and each of the people in the FIRST Global Challenge are doing that. 

Energy Situation

Our country is privileged by having many water sources, because our major electrical production is generated by hydroelectric power plant. However, this resource is threatened by the illegal felling of trees, mining and climate change. Many solar panels are installed in many of the modern buildings to reduce traditional electric consumption, but there’s still a lot to do.