Team Oceania 2018

We are a robotics team from Warnbro, in Western Australia. We started our robotics journey competing in FIRST LEGO League and soon became involved in FIRST Robotics Competition. We have grown in a very short time and are honored to represent Oceania in the FIRST Global Challenge. Meet our team members;

Kieran Murugan
I am the team captain for Team Oceania. I’m interested in robotics because I love coding and playing games so if you combine these two then Robotics would be  the best kind of activity for a hobby. My hopes for the future is to have a career involving robotics and coding. I play basketball, piano, sing, hang out with friends and play video games in my spare time. My favourite subject is Science. Nelson Mandela is my personal hero because he didn’t give up fighting for what he believed in and perseverance wins. I’m unique because I have a different way of thinking and I can work with anyone in a team. I put aside my personal differences and I work with them.

Alex Kosta
I am the spokesperson and driver for Team Oceania. I am interested in robotics, because I believe that robotics is the way of the future, and to be part of the future while its developing is a great privilege. In the future I hope to go into aviation, an industry where humans work hand in hand with robots and systems every day to transport millions of people across the world. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, gaming, coding and digital design. When I’m at school, I enjoy Math and Science, mainly Physics. I also enjoy I.T, learning how to code and using digital design programs.

Josh Watt
I have had a great interest in robotics for many years. I find it enjoyable, especially the creativity and communication that comes from being a part of a robotics team. The creation of the robot is a great chance to have the freedom to create a design with only the limits of your imagination. It is also incredibly wonderful to see a robot that our entire team has created come to life, and move. Robotics is also a great way to become a real team player. You learn to work together and talk about issues your robot may be having. It is a great way to learn vital communication skills that will be required in future life. I have always had an interest in engineering and I would love to have a job in the future involving aerospace engineering but at this exact time I am unsure of which university I would like to apply for. My hobbies include aikido, my favourite subject is Science. I believe I am unique because of my absolute love for Science, and the effort I put into my work. I believe FIRST is a fantastic program, it encourages not only Science but team work and communication.

Jesse Walker-Smith
I’m a member of Team Oceania. I love robotics because it gives you real world skills like engineering skills, coding abilities etc. My hobbies include soccer, Manchester United is my favourite team, traveling, and Instagramming my food.  When I grow up I hope to be a professional soccer player or a mechanical engineer. I’m very competitive and passionate about my hobbies especially robotics. Our team won regional competitions in Western Australia and competed in the Australian FLL national competition. I’m honoured to be representing my country alongside my friends, teammates and peers.

Troy Miller
I have always been interested in how things worked.  I was always getting into trouble for taking backs off toys when I was little.  My Dad and I have often work on repairing things and I am often fiddling with electronics to see what makes it tick.  So, this is why I like Robotics. I also love Science. Maths and Space. I hope to be an engineer when I leave school.