Team Belarus 2017

We are a team of 7 creative students, gathered by one common hobby – robotics. And we are honored to represent Belarus at the FIRST Global Challenge 2017 in Washington. All members of our team are enthusiastic and active persons, who are very excited to take part in such an incredible and amazing competition like FGC.
We are studying at the ITeen Academy in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, where we have got some useful knowledge in robotics and a certain experience in programming. We have already taken part in the World Robat Olympiad, and now we are full of enthusiasm for participating at the FGC.
In our days robotics is developing with increasing rate in many countries all over the world, including Belarus. This sphere will probably change the world, so we want to contribute to this global changing, and the FIRST Global Challenge is a cool opportunity for us to do this. It will be a great pleasure for us to participate with other national teams from the world and meet like-minded people. Our team is very grateful to organizers for giving us such a wonderful chance.