Team Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017

Stela Ugrinčić: I enjoy spending my free time with friends and family, without our smartphones and social networks. I like reading books, especially novels and I like music. I’ve been playing flute for 9 years and I think that music is the best way to express your emotions and it’s an escape from everyday problems. I like working with my friends because I know that it is easier to solve problems when you know that you don’t have to do everything by yourself. I like being surrounded by people with positive energy.

Bakir Kapetanović: I spend most of my free time working on microcontrollers. I am interested in cars and electronics and I would like to make it my career in the future. I also enjoy programming and finding out how thing work, learning new things and acquiring new skills, be it programming, mechanics, robotics. I love seeing a practical finished project which was created out of an idea on a piece of paper.

Mirza Mulavdić: I spend my free time doing sports. I also play the accordion and I enjoy music and hanging out with my friends. One of my passions is technology, and since I do not like wasting time, I always manage to find something that will keep me interested, usually it’s connected with technology.

Admir Akšamović: I am a family person, so I spend most of my free time surrounded by my family members. I love sports, especially soccer. My interests are also in the field of technology, electronics and automatic controlling.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country in the Balkans area. The team representing BiH is a small team of three students and one mentor from Sarajevo, Srednja elektrotehnička škola (High School for Electrical Engineering). Over the past 10 years, our school has been very active in regional and international innovation competitions, with our students bringing back various awards, medals, accolades. Although with limited resources, the management of the school, its teachers and most importantly the students have managed to present innovative concepts through dedicated team work, a lot of imagination and 100% effort. Our school prides itself on introducing innovative approaches in teaching, being mindful of the educational system, at a time when government investment in education is at an all-time low. Nonetheless, we believe that creativity, imagination, dedication and hard work move any country forward and that the elements of change are the students sitting in our classrooms. That is our greatest motivation.

As students, we are given the opportunity to present our work in regional and international competitions and fairs, to collaborate with each other and to build relationships with others. We believe that this Global Olympics event is an incredible opportunity to improve our knowledge in science and engineering, but we are also looking forward to working closely together with people from different parts of the world in order to understand each other better and talk about global issues at hand. We wish to see and understand how people work together in other parts of the world and see how we can improve our own practices and contribute to the overall development of science, engineering and overall better understanding of the world around us. This is not just a competition, for us, this is a gateway into the world.