Team Brazil 2017

We are TILT, and we’ll represent Brazil on this opening FIRST Global Challenge.

This year on Washington-DC we’ll go with four participants, and they are (left to right): Luiz Gabriel (16), captain and programmer, Sofia (14), builder, Nathan (15), programmer, and João Victor (16), spokesperson and builder.

The team was created in 2010 on Cachoeira de Minas-MG, a small town on South East of Brazil, and started to participate of FLL (FIRST LEGO League), one of the tournaments of FIRST, and after we also participated of TBR (Torneio Brasil de Robótica) and WRO (World Robot Olympiad). We are a garage team, what means that we don’t receive any support, especially financial, of any institution, so we depend on the help of our parents to get sponsorship and volunteers help.

Be invited to be Team Brazil on this first edition of the tournament is an honor for all of us, we are very happy with this oportunity and we’ll give our best on this event, we’ll show for the world that we are soccer, samba, carnival, all of this, but we are robotic and tecnology too.

FIRST teached for us some thing very important since we had our first contact with it on 2010. No matter whether we are using Science, Tecnology, Engeneering or Math, we can all change the world.

We’ll go with the happiness of a brazilian on our smile, with persistence on our heart and with a power of 200 milions of brazilians on our walk. Independently of any result, we just wanna hear everybody screaming: “Eu sou brasileiro, com muito orgulho, com muito amor!”