Team Brunei 2017

Greetings from Team Brunei Darussalam.  We are a 7 member team, consisting of 6 girls and 1 boy from private and government schools and higher education institute.

We are very excited to be a part of this unique global initiative to promote STEM education.  Thus far, we have been working hard with our mentors to design, build and test our ideas for the upcoming competition. This will be the first time for us competing at an international level.  We look forward to meeting and working together with other team members from around the world in solving global issues.

Building the robot, learning about global issues and challenges and thinking about how to improve the lives of people around the world has helped us to open our mind.  This has inspired us to use technology for the greater good of mankind.

Our hope is that our effort in this competition will help inspire many more students in Brunei to take-up STEM education.   A strong STEM workforce is important to help the nation achieve it’s vision 2035 to have a nation of well-educated and highly skilled people.