Team Croatia 2017

Greetings from Croatia!

We are a small team of 2 boys (Leon and Matej) and 1 girl (Ema) and we’ve just recently entered the world of national competitions.

We are students of high schools which specialize in mechanics, electronics, programming and mathematics. Our dream is to learn new things and make new friends who are interested in similar things. We’ve taken part in various competitions individually, but could this “team” thing work?

See you all in Washington and good luck!

The Croatian Robotic Association (CROBOA) is the top-level non-profit association in Croatia in the area of robotics. Its mission and goals (among others) are: the development and promotion of robotics and technical culture, identification and support of gifted children interested in robotics, and improvement of recognition of Croatian robotics abroad.

This competition will be the first international competition for some of our students on the team. They will experience working in a multi-cultural and multi-national team and will learn basic and advanced robotics concepts. They will gain knowledge that will help them recognize their future universities. The team will have weekly workshops to research the given robotics system. In summer, right before the final competition, the team will have finished preparing.