Team Estonia 2017

The Estonian Robotics team was formed in 2011. We initially began with LEGO robots, FLL competitions, Robotex (the largest robotics competition in Estonia). A few years after we started, we went to Robot Challenge in Vienna (one of the largest robotics competitions in Europe) with rather complicated robots. For the past few years we’ve also built Tetrix robots and participated in our local FTC competitions. Recently, we’ve also begun studying digital electronics, working with binary logic circuits, programming Arduino, Raspberry PI, ESP8266 and other minicomputers.

In the autumn of 2016, 3 of our students also started teaching their own class. They prepared rigorously for the Estonian FLL competition and even got to the finals with an award for the best Robot Design. The finals are yet to come so we’ll see how good they’ll do.

We’ve also managed to rack up a nice amount of awards. We’ve been the owner of the title “Best Robotics School“ for many years in a row, we achieved the second place in Robot Challenge in 2013 and we’ve acquired many first places in Robotex.

Our strength is our team and teamwork. Some in our team are very good robot builders, while others exceed in programming them.

Our team consists of 6 people from ages 16 to 18 and from schools all over Tallinn.