Team Georgia 2017

Situated near the Black sea and Caucasus mountains Georgia is a place where one can ski and take dive into worm sea waters in matter of hours. In different regions of Georgia you will find diverse delicious food, quality wine and different temperaments, but one thing will always be the same – it is our hospitality.

Our team is comprised of seven remarkable, very unalike high school students, who come from different backgrounds but what unites them is the passion for knowledge and challenges in the life.

Second from left is Elene Bakhtadze –“I study in Guivy Zaldastanishvili American Academy. My favorite subjects are Math, Physics, and Chemistry. I have always been interested in STEM. As a child my favorite toys were Legos and airplanes with remoter. I like this project because it offers a great experience, also interaction with my team members is amazing!  However, I am not only interested in technologies. I adore sports and extreme. I am a downhiller, horse rider, and I am good in every other kind of sports. I am really thrilled to participate in First Global, and I look forward to meeting more people who share my interests. ”

Beside her on the right is Anastasia – “ I study in “Vekua” N42 Public School, specializing in Physics and Math. I have always been interested in Math and engineering but at the same time my passion is reading so for two years in a raw I’ve been a champion in Georgian national book readers competition called “Book Shelf”. Since I became a team member in First Global Team Georgia my whole free time goes into building our robot and this activity brings enormous joy into my life. ”

Next to Anastasia comes Sofie –“ I live in Tbilisi and study at “Komarov” N199 Public School that specializes in Math and Physics. I have participated in several national and European Olympiads in math, science, and computer programming. I have always been interested in technology. I was wondering as a kid, where the sound was coming from in the radio (that led me to take radios apart, but I could not get a satisfying answer). Since then I have learned a lot, and I know where the sound from the radio is coming from, but I have still got a lot to learn and this challenge gives me an opportunity to learn more about robotics.”

To the right after sofie is Givi – “As far as I can remember I always liked disassembling things and building new things with their parts. I also like very much singing Georgian folk songs and playing football. Later I got very interested in Physics and Math as well. Robotics requires all things I am interested in to be put to practice and I really enjoy trying out different designs for our robot. Working as a part of our team gave me many valuable skills and introduced me to a new very interesting and enjoyable friends.”

Rightmost in the front is Levan – “I am interested in physics and engineering from my childhood. Originally I am from mountainous region of Georgia – Tusheti, were even electricity is a challenge sometimes, yet this is still the place where I fill the best. I’ve participated in many robotics and engineering activities in Georgia, but First Global Challenge is unique for me in a sense that it requires very close interactions between team members and creates many challenging problems, solving which is both interesting and fun for our team. I hope that the experience gained in this project will help me to make positive changes in Georgia”

Two guys in the back are Rezi (with the flag) – “I am very interested in Math, Physics and Engineering. Besides my studies I have several hobbies like playing a chess and practicing Japanese martial art -Kendo. I also enjoy participating in community service, where we help old people by delivering food to them. Teamwork was something new for me – usually I like doing things myself, but turned out that together with like-minded people one could get things done much better and faster. We also have a great fun, even though we face numerous problems and work very hard on this project.”

And Andria – “. I already decided that I will be a Physicist, but I also like engineering very much. Working with my team members and mentor in this project gives me a firsthand experience in dealing with technical problems and I really enjoy this. Plus sharing my ideas with others and getting friendly, yet constructive and knowledgeable feedback is really useful for me. I am looking forward to see and interact with other teams in First Global.  ”

Finally leftmost in the front is Mr.Ilia Mestvirishvili –“ After graduating from Tbilisi State University’s Physics faculty I worked in electronics department of experimental Physics in Institute of Physics in Tbilisi. For last 15 years I teach Physics, Intro to Programming and supervise robotics club in GZAAT – private high school located in Tbilisi. I am very proud and happy to work with such a diverse, motivated, intelligent and hard working group of students – we spend so much time together that we feel like we knew each other for years already. First Global has the greatest impact on lives and future of all students participating in it and shows me many new ways how teaching Science could be more engaging and simply fun both for students and teachers.”

We all wish every single team participating in First Global good luck and would like to welcome everybody to Georgia !