Team Ghana 2017

We are group of high school girls from diverse backgrounds with a common goal, to lead the future. We are the next generation of tech entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and mathematicians who will change the world. We believe science, technology, engineering and mathematics are the building blocks in every 21st century career path. We believe in being innovators and not consumers of innovation. Together, we believe we can build a very efficient and innovative robot, win the competition and make our country proud.

We are members of an organization called STEMbees that is focused on training and mentoring young Ghanaian girls in STEM to bridge the prevalent gender gap in these fields. This event is important to us especially because we get to prove to the world that girls are very smart and can excel in STEM fields.

Even though we are all preparing for our finals, this competition is very important to us so we have been preparing by meeting 2 hours every weekend to brainstorm and share ideas. We are extremely excited about this and we are ready to WIN.