Team Greece 2017

The RoboSpecialists are an award-winning robotics club, based at the city of Xanthi in Greece. Established in 2012, our club has grown from a handful of students whose dream was to learn how to build robots and program their movements. As the years went by, we participated in many national and international robotics competitions.

Over the past five years, the RoboSpecialists have qualified twice to compete in the World Robot Olympiad Finals. In 2015, we traveled to Qatar and won an Olympic silver medal in Football category. In 2016, we traveled to India for the International Finals and we placed fourth at the same category.

Through their participation in these competitions, our students learn important engineering, programming and design skills. Also, teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking skills are among some of the more important life skills that RoboSpecialists students pick up all these years.

In addition to our success in previous competitions, we focus on providing to our students enriching STEM educational opportunities. That was our motivation for participating in the upcoming FIRST Global competition. Meeting people from all over the world, viewing them not as opponents or competitors but as collaborators, is an excellent way of thinking and a step forward for building the next generation of global citizens.

Our team is always willing to work with other teams and we hope through the FIRST Global competition to share the value of collaboration!