Team Honduras 2017

The remote town of Camasca, Intibuca, on the dry corridor of Honduras, Central America is the last place anyone would expect to find a First Global Robotics team. Here, water runs every other day for an hour, if it runs at all. Here, electricity, when it is on, does’t have enough power to operate a microwave. Here, a family of ten lives on the side of a mountain cliff in a one-room hut. Here, the woman from that same household boils homemade soap on an indoor open fire as toxic fumes fill the air. Here, an unacceptably large number of children are malnourished and at risk for chronic disease and death. Here, high school teenagers whose families survive on less than $2 a day are using first-class computer technology and internet capability, building robots in order to revolutionize a system of education and stimulate development.

These young people know about how to confront obstacles and meet challenges. They are intimately familiar with these foreboding giants born of poverty and inequality that would rob them of hope and steal away their dreams. But, on a daily basis, they slay these giants in order to secure their survival. The naysayers will claim they have no business in this arena. It is beyond their abilities and they lack the resources. They probably said that about David and his slingshot too. We are the Giant Slayers!