Team Iceland 2017

Team Iceland students all come from the same school “Tækniskólinn Reykjavík” we have never taken part in a competition in robotics but in many occasions my students have shown there robots and programming skills at IT seminars in Reykjavik. Teakniskolinn Reykjavik is the only school that has robotics as a part of there curriculum, that is not in university level. Taekniskolin IT school teaches programming, database (SQL) design, web-design , internet connections (CISCO) and robotics witch I teach.  

When my students come to study robotics they have already learned programming for 1.5 years, they learn Python , C# , java-scripting SQL, HTML internet communications protocols and in robotic we use C as main programing language´.  I have a degree in programming  and software design and a degree in mechanical engineering.

I´m pioneer in teaching robotic in Iceland and my students love robotics 🙂 

In my class my students have to work together as a team in every project because that the way they have to work in real live 

so they are ready for this project :-). The main problem for my team is time and organising it because school has already ended and summer vacation started.  My students have a summer job that’s why I´m having trouble getting them together but we will be ready in July 🙂 see you then