Team Indonesia 2017

Robotics is fascinating as well as challenging subject to Technonatura students. Beginning in 2005, the school bought a number of Fischer Technic Robotic kits for its students to learn assembling and programming robots. After that, we entered the local competition. In 2008 and 2009, TechnoNatura’s robotics team won the Imagine Robotic Cup, and in 2009 TechnoNatura’s Robotic Team also won National Robotic competition in Indonesia ICT Award. In 2010, Technonatura was honoured and invited by USA embassy in Jakarta to share their experiences and having discussion with their American high school counterparts. The discussion was led by Dryden-NASA digital Learning network, and was a face-to-face discussion via satellite network. At that discussion TechnoNatura Robotic team presented Ecobot (an ecosystem robot that control its humidity, land status and temperature of air in closed aquarium), and T-bot a telescope robot that pin and follow the star movement during night observation.

Since then we have kept on learning and digging more into robotic, made new eco-Bot, developed and programmed games and entered IoT era. As it comes, we have built devices based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Our TechnoNatura Education system deployed project-based learning, where engineering, science and art projects were picked up for student to learn in fun, challenging and joyful manners. This approach of education system/curriculum is applied since elementary school and the benefits of this system that students are having good collaboration, critical thinking, concordance, creativity and communication.
We are honored to have been promoted by the USA Embassy in Jakarta to represent Indonesia in the FIRST Global Robotics Competition 2017.

Our goals are to give our best, gain experience by making programming and testing the robot, and forging a better collaboration with many people all over the world. We also hope to meet new friends since the competition features numerous different countries entering the competition. We also want to show that Indonesia is not just rich in natural resources, but also full of friendly youth who are able to collaborate, create and develop new technology.