Team Iraq 2017

The Iraqi team consists of Nawres Arif, Hussein Hussein, Yassir Bassel, Mohammed Al-Shati, Ali Al-Behadili, and Mohammed Al-Battat

Nawres is the design and electronics mentor of the team. After graduating with a bachelor degree in pharmacy, Nawres left his academic path and founded the Science Camp-the Iraqi makerspace which has grown rapidly through the past few years and became a part of the GIG(Global Innovation Gathering), Nawres is a world-class 3D designer with an experience of more than a 13 year in 3D max.

Hussein is the programming mentor of the team. Hussein got his bachelor degree in computer engineering graduating with the 1st rank among his peers , he than went forward to get a master degree in control engineering, he is the main programmer in the Science Camp with high experience in different programming languages, he currently teaches in several institutions including Gifted Students school.

Yassir is the designer of the team. Currently studying medicine in Basra medicine collage, he is now learning 3D design and modeling using 3D Max. As a former student in gifted students school; Yassir used to make high voltage electricity experiments as well as several electronics projects including a project to help deaf and mute people for which he got the 1st rank in Startup Weekend Basra.

Mohammed is the programmer of the team. Highly interested in Ardiuno and microprocessors, he did many Arduino projects including a quadcopter and telecommunication using laser encoded with Morse code, as a student in gifted students school he have had the 1st rank in the country-wide gifted students exam in 2015.

Ali is the electrician of the team. Full of energy Ali shows a good knowledge in electronics and as a student in gifted students school he have had the 2nd rank in the country-wide gifted students exam in 2016.

Mohammed is the mechanic of the team. Having high physical strength and hand-skills Mohammed has been helpful in many projects, he is also a student at gifted students school.