Team Lesotho 2017

My name is Itumeleng Maboiketlo Khalala and I am science secondary  school teacher and I work at Pulane High school. I graduated in 2009 at Lesotho college of education and am furthering my studies with the university of South Africa in Pretoria part time.

I am a chairperson of Lesotho science and Maths teachers association (LSMTA)  in Berea district and my responsibility is to organise and manage science and Maths district and national fairs. I hold workshops for teachers development and improvement.

My team is made up of 3 top achievers from three different  rural schools which are also members of LSMTA nationally.
They are unprivileged kids , T’seliso Mokhesuoe lost his father while he was 10 years of age and He is such a hard worker. He is curious and his motto is ” It is not over until I win” He is the kind who never quits.
Matserimetse is also an opharn left only  with her mother. She is brilliant and confident, she speaks her mind and can express herself so well. She pays attention to small details and has amazing passion for physics and Maths.

Tsoela is a researcher and the most creative of them all. She likes electronics projects and has competed at the science fair and performed so well.

We have what it takes to do wonderful in the robotics Olympics.
Our country is going to surprise the world…