Team Malaysia 2017

There is one aspect that would define today’s Malaysian youths; their affinity among one another. Transcending the difference brought upon the diverse mix of race and cultures from the country’s history, they practically thrive off the unique benefits that each culture brings. The youths are raised in a synergistic community filled with the experienced eager to spread their knowledge for the curious to gather and discover. Malaysian youths are generally high-spirited, adventurous and are always equipped with a warm smile regardless of who they are interacting with. Embedded with the practice of respect for the elderly, to help those in need, and a strong will to defend their lineage, these youths are the perfect portrayal of modern Malaysians in the making. The very idea of treading their own path on the globe sets their spirit ablaze. With an appetite for something fresh, a chance to compete for a greater goal is every young Malaysians’ dream. Chosen from multiple schools, they are looking forward to give their best to achieve a common goal. Now, these youths are granted the opportunity reserved to only a few special individuals before them; to represent their nation before the eyes of the world.