Team Mexico

From the country that inspired the Mayans to invent the zero, welcomed the western world and mixed its inventions with theirs, and now integrates the new technologies with its own discoveries; Mexico’s robotics team incorporates students from two FIRST robotics teams: Panteras from Mexico City, and LamBot from San Luis Potosí. Sponsored by Fundación Azteca from Grupo Salinas, this team will compete in the inaugural FIRST Global tournament bringing together the knowledge, innovation and spirit of their country. Students: Antonio Dávila Tejeida, Alonso García Molina, Gerardo Manuel Ascencio Morales, Eduardo Martínez Quintana, Andrea Terán Macías, Luis Fernando Orta Parra, Luis Gerardo Ramos Ortiz.


About Panteras

Panteras is the robotics team from the Universidad Panamericana’s High School. Competes in the FIRST and F1 school challenges every year with teams that excel both in the national and international panorama. With the mission of spreading science and technology to the world, this team brings together the excitement of the competitions with the inspiration brought to others in the demos, code parties, expositions and several different events held every year.


About LamBot

LamBot is the team representing San Luis Potosí in the FIRST Robotics Competition. The team is looking for a promising future in technology and business.