Team Moldova 2017

We are so excited to become a part of your big family. Our team is very young yet, because in Moldova robotics is not so developed. Three years ago, thanks to United States Agency for International Development, the LEGO Mindstorms classes started in schools of Moldova for the first time. Now, there are about 76 educational institutions that are practicing LEGO Mindstorms robotics. First year, The FIRST LEGO League Moldova competition hosted about  teams. This year, there where 45 teams playing FIRST LEGO League. My team, RoboRangers, is the winner of the competition. So we got the opportunity to participate in FIRST GLOBAL Competition. It is our first experience with this kind of robots, and this is amazing. Th team is consiting of 6 members from different types of schools:
Andrei Copaci (14 years) – Creativity and Inventions Lyceum
Matvei Feraru (16 years) – Theoretical Lyceum
Andrian Bocancea (16 years) – Theoretical Lyceum
Cristian Comendant (15 years) – Theoretical Lyceum
Nicolae Mihalache (16 years) – Theoretical Lyceum
Artiom Lebedev (18 years ) – Technical College