Team Netherlands 2017

Team Netherlands is composed of the youngest students of FIRST Robotics Competition team 5412, Impossible Robotics. This FRC team is the second of only two FRC teams in the Netherlands. Impossible Robotics started as an FLL team in the Food Factor season back in 2011 and reached the FLL World Invitational in Florida in May 2012. We won 1st Place for Inspiration and got inspired ourselves. We progressed to an FRC team in its third season involving students from seven schools from the whole Northern part of our country.

We don’t necessarily build the best robots, but we are a Community and Outreach team, spreading Inspiration and STEM. We are working on re-building our educational system and creating a strong European FIRST Community where creativity is celebrated.

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and hope that our students will bring home the awareness that we live in a privileged situation compared to so many participating countries with a different reality. We want to inspire the next generation of young people with the knowledge that we are all tenants of this planet and can only solve our problems together utilizing our differences rather than disrespect.

About the Netherlands,

Being a country that mastered water for centuries, we are of course excited about this year’s game H2O Flow. The Dutch are famous for creating land from water involving dikes and windmills. Our lowest landmark is over six meters below sea-level. We are also very privileged to have high quality drinking water straight from the tap which isn’t common in so many countries worldwide.