Team Oceania 2017

We are proud and excited to be representing the continent of Oceania at the inaugural FIRST Global competition. Our team is made up of six Year 11 students and two mentors from FTC Team 10247, the Trinity BaCoNeers.  

We live in South Australia, the driest state in the driest continent on Earth, so this Global Challenge is very important to us.  We are all looking to pursue careers in engineering and this challenge has forced us to analyse our engineering skills and mechanical knowledge, to apply them to the new materials, and restricted parts list.  It is frustrating…and fun, but best of all, we are learning so much.

We truly believe in the power of STEM to transform lives, and the BaCoNeers are well known for our work in the community, promoting Engineering and Robotics at numerous public events.  We love demonstrating our robots and teaching younger students how to design, build and program their own.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be involved as in the Global STEM Corps, and the chance to form the FIRST Global Translation Corps and help translate training materials.  It is truly humbling to recognise how multicultural our city is and how talented all our translating volunteers are.

FIRST Global is a unique opportunity for us to meet students from around the world, learn more about their countries and cultures, and to find ways we can make a difference.